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With our reliance on modern technology, even the smallest faults with electrical appliances in your home can cause a headache. Whether it's your iron that's left you with no ironed shirts or the kettle without your quick morning tea before work, Appliance Services can visit your home and carry out a range of small electrical appliance repairs.

Small electrical appliance repairs including:

Wide range of electrical appliance spares available for you

•  Microwave ovens

•  Toasters

•  Kettles

•  Irons

•  Hairdryers

•  and more

As well as providing you with small electrical appliance repairs, you can also get electrical appliance spares that help you save costs. You don't need to purchase that expensive replacement with our wide range of spares and parts.


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Small electrical appliance repairs

You can get electrical appliance spares by visiting our store.

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