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A damaged refrigerator or freezer can be a huge pain. All your fresh and frozen foods will start to rot and cost you a fortune in getting them replaced. With one call to Appliance Services, you can avoid that damage with quick refrigerator repairs from us.

What you'll get from us:

Replacing a fridge spare part

•   Refrigerator repairs

•   Freezer repairs

•   Fridge freezer repairs

•   Refrigeration parts available in store

•   No charge call out service

•   Local and personal service

We are available for simple jobs, such as putting in a door seal or replacing a part or accessory. We can also solve more complex problems, such as compressor or motor failure. If you're thinking of replacing a part yourself we can supply spare fridge parts including fridge bulbs, water filters, shelves and drawers.


Don't stop there as our engineers can help you with any other appliance faults and fixes.

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Refrigerator and freezer repairs

Don't suffer loss of food when your refrigeration breaks down!

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