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A problem with your cooker, oven or stove can be dangerous for your property. Cookers have the dual danger of heat and electricity, you'll want experienced engineers to come to the rescue and carry out cooker repairs. Let Appliance Services assist you with safe repairs.

You can get our assistance with:

Start cooking lovely meals for your children again with our help

•  Cooker repairs such as elements and thermostats etc.

•  Cooker spares  

•  Hob spares such as reulators and elements

•  Oven spares such as thermostats and elements  


Faulty cookers can lead to you having to switch to unhealthy alternatives to provide your family with food. You can be assured our friendly engineers will work quickly to fix your cooker and let you get back to making warm meals again for your family.


You may decide you want to purchase a new cooker, by visiting our store you can.

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Electric cooker, oven and stove repairs

Get expert help with all your appliance repairs and spares.

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